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We fly by appointment all year round, early in the morning in order to benefit from the best meteorological conditions.

After arriving at the take-off location, you will assist in the preparation and assembly of the equipment and the inflation of the balloon, under the supervision of the pilot.

For about an hour and half you will fly over the Alps of Haute-Provence in absolute, our course unplanned as we drift peacefully through the skies on a current of air.

After your flight you will be able to share your thoughts partaking of a country buffet, composed of delicious local specialities.

After the visual delight, indulge your tastebuds …

Tickets purchased in advance are valid for two years, exchangeable and non-refundable. The price includes the flight, insurance, the equipment, brunch.

You do not live in the area, you come from far away or from abroad and you cannot postpone your flight if it is cancelled due to weather conditions, opt for cancellation insurance, the amount of the ticket is refunded to you if the flight does not take place.