“It was the first day of Spring, floating silently above the blossoming cherry trees, with a breath of wind. And the strange impressions looking down on the bare oak trees, breakfasting on coffee and croissants, just thirty feet above an emerging field of lavender and the gentle landing with our expert pilot Tom. He had remembered to transport smoked ham, sliced bread and red wine, presented on the upturned basket, which we consumed before finally refolding and packing the giant balloon with the crew.”

The rest of the day was just Zen !

A terrific, beautiful, slow and peaceful voyage, and well worth the detour!”



Thank you Dear Tom for this trip to the land of Morning Calm, suspended between heaven and earth. It was magic. Goodbye. Warmly



“We had a great day. Thank you for everything. This day will remain engraved. We went to the market as you’ve suggested. Good continuation.”

Aurélie L


“A beautiful birthday gift, unforgettable, don’t hesitate, Tom is really a great “captain”. Super nice small group, beautiful ride 2 hours in quiet, we fly almost like a bird, wheat field, lavender, deers, roes and the country buffet is a real good idea. Tom thank you and good luck.”

Christine L


“Gorgeous flight in the sweetness and beauty of the scenery !”

Evelyne F