Hot Air Balloon flights

See provence like never before!


We fly by appointment all year round, early in the morning in order to benefit from the best meteorological conditions.

After arriving at the take-off location, you will assist in the preparation and assembly of the equipment and the inflation of the balloon, under the supervision of the pilot.

Firstly the envelope is unwrapped, spread out across the field, next to the basket and then inflated using a large fan to blow the air inside. Then, after the burner has heated thousands of cubic feet of air trapped inside it, the balloon becomes vertical and the pilot invites you to jump aboard !

It’s a magical moment when one quick burst of flame suddenly lifts the huge craft majestically from the ground.

For about an hour and half you will fly over the Alps of Haute-Provence in absolute, our course unplanned as we drift peacefully through the skies on a current of air.

After a gentle take-off the small breeze has transported us above the tree-tops. We fly across village squares where people watch us enviously, waving their hands.

Then incredible landscapes and the vastness of the sky. Finally we land near a lavender field we have flown over just before. What an incredible adventure !

The balloon has been drifting with the wind but the pilot has constantly been monitoring its strength and direction throughout the flight. He now uses this knowledge to direct the balloon to a safe and convenient landing area.

After your flight you will be able to share your thoughts partaking of a country buffet, composed of delicious local specialities.

After the visual delight, indulge your tastebuds …

Tickets purchased in advance are valid for two years. The price includes the flight, insurance, the equipment, brunch.